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Instagram – Lessons from 2014 for emerging fashion designers

Simply Measured recently released their 2014 Q4 Instagram Study.…
January 30, 2015/by Ana Cara
Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Exploring Style: 5 Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Today I’d like to take Luevo readers on a style venture through…
January 23, 2015/by Samantha Chung Sang
Pinteresting Pinner Blogger

Pinterest and Fashion: 3 Pinteresting People

Pinterest is new domain for me but the concept is great because…
January 15, 2015/by Samantha Chung Sang

Negotiation Steps for Fashion Designers

Starting a fashion business will require a lot of investments.…
January 8, 2015/by Alexandra

When to hire a PR agency for your fashion brand?

        As an emerging  designer, you are responsible for…
January 2, 2015/by Tamarah Brown
Youtuber on YouTube Fashion Vlogger

YouTube Vloggers to Watch (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our compilation of YouTube vloggers we…
December 28, 2014/by Samantha Chung Sang

The High and Low of 2014’s Designer Collaborations

'Designer collaborations' were the words on everyone's newsfeed…
December 25, 2014/by Dahee

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designer Part 3

On Part 1/3 we studied the basics of the concepts of communications…
December 23, 2014/by Alexandra
clothes encounters vloggers to watch

YouTube and Fashion: 5 Vloggers to Watch (Part 1)

Welcome, Luevo readers, to the world of YouTube that I’ve…
December 19, 2014/by Samantha Chung Sang

DIY PR for Emerging Fashion Designers

In the world of business it’s all about finding ways you can…
December 18, 2014/by Tamarah Brown

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designers (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we discussed the basics of…
December 16, 2014/by Alexandra

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designers (Part 1)

Are you a designer with a great collection? Perfect. Now you…
December 13, 2014/by Alexandra
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