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Fashion Branding – the case of Patagonia (part 1)

What is branding? Branding is creating a unique name and image for a product or range of products in the consumers’ mind. Branding focuses on influencing the perception of customers as an image or impression is built in the mind of customers. The idea of branding came up when the product itself was not enough in the midst […]

Finding manufacturers for your clothing line (part 1)

As a designer you cannot create your label without going through the process of production. Set aside the fun part (the designing part of course!) and think seriously about production. You can have a concept, a design, a brand, but ultimately your success is based on one thing: the product itself. In this two part article I am going to […]

Negotiation Steps for Fashion Designers

Starting a fashion business will require a lot of investments. You’ll need to find a location for your store of office, you’ll need to source your fabrics, you’ll need to invest in your production, you’ll need to get your products shipped, you’ll need to get a website, etc. You’ll maybe also need to get a […]

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designer Part 3

On Part 1/3 we studied the basics of the concepts of communications and branding. On part 2/3 we saw the important points to think about for business communications when you are a young designer trying to get yourself out there. Now, what about the direct communications to the customer? When it comes to communicating to […]

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designers (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we discussed the basics of communications and branding. Today we’ll take you through the practical steps to branding your collection. Presence This step is vital in having a place to communicate your existence to fashion followers. Which markets have you chosen and what are you target customers? Presenting […]

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designers (Part 1)

Are you a designer with a great collection? Perfect. Now you just need to sell it by using branding and communications; you need to let others know of your amazing designs! This is a three part series aimed at giving emerging designers the top branding and communications tips they need for their businesses. In order […]

Irish Fashion Bloggers

Having freshly arrived more than 2 years ago in Dublin, I am proud to consider myself a happy French Dubliner. This new exposure to the Ireland fashion scene led me to discover Irish fashion blogs. This was just one of my first Irish cultural discoveries (in addition to my first pint of Guinness). What I […]

The Need for the Modernization of Fashion Week

1945, New York city marks the first fashion week in history. Travelling to Europe at this time (especially to Paris) was difficult for people working in the clothing/fashion industry. As a solution to this issue, Eleanor Lambert created the “ Press Week” for fashion designers to unveil their collections. Fashion magazines and fashion buyers were at the front row as […]