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3 memorable moments form the 87th Oscars

I personally really enjoyed the Oscars last night. For starters, I was finally on the same time-zone as the celebrations, so I didn’t have to wait till the AM hours to learn which movie won the big award. Then, there were the speeches. These guys have a whole lot of influence and even if TV viewers […]

Finding manufacturers for your clothing line (part 2)

In the first part of this article we looked at a fashion designer’s first steps towards choosing the right manufacturer for a clothing line.  Let’s continue by diving in even deeper and pin-point what you must consider when you go through your production process. First, consider where the manufacturer is located. Are they close to you? […]

The Grammy’s 2015 – Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

Yesterday was Grammy Sunday, when, for a few hours, some of you may have paused from whatever you’d  otherwise do and drooled all over your TV set to watch some of the best musicians perform all at once. I must say, that’s the number 1 reason why I watch the Grammy Awards. My  favourite performers this year were Sia, […]

Top 3 Social Media Practices for Fashion Designers

You are a fashion designer and want to grow your brand and ultimately you want to grow your sales. You might think using social media is a good start to spread the word about your brand, and hopefully achieve your sales goals. You are on the right track! Indeed, social media are online tools that […]

Instagram – Lessons from 2014 for emerging fashion designers

Simply Measured recently released their 2014 Q4 Instagram Study. The study included over 6,000 posts from 82 brands active on Instagram (from Interbrand 2014 top 100 brands),  and over 129,000,000 likes. Basically – think of it as a study of the most successful brands on Instagram. In this post I will summarize their key findings  and […]

Learn how to crowdfund your fashion business

Crowdfunding is now a popular alternative to traditional funding, but is it right for you and your fashion business? Luevo has teamed up with Startup Fashion and put together a detailed and resourceful guide and workbook for fashion businesses interested in crowdfunding. It took us months and we accumulated hundreds of hours in research and in writing, […]

Hot Black Friday Deals in Canada

Although Canadians enjoyed their turkey dinners more than 6 weeks ago, they are as excited as their Southern neighbors about Black Friday.  But how do you find that perfect deal for you or a loved one? The news agency Global News warns shoppers that many retailers are using pricing tricks to lure in shoppers with “discounted” […]

The story behind that Longchamp Le Pliage tote

We’re taking you back in history to visit the street style scene in Paris just before the 1920s. Mashable posted an article titled “1910-1920: Fashion at the Parisian Races”. The title is self explanatory and the article explores the beautiful trends of the period leading up to the 1920s. The famous horse races at the […]

A journey to Fashion Week San Diego

It all started on September 29th, 2014; Fashion Week San Diego was about to commence. It kicked off with a private event for the Designers and Sponsors at Rappongi in La Jolla. Loads of delicious Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and of course tons of fashionable people. Of the hosts of people, I was able to […]

Meet Desire’e Marie Design

Designed by Desire’e Voight, Desire’e Marie Design is classically feminine, handmade women’s clothing that is inspired both by past and modern trends. Desire’e makes each garment with a feminine edge and sources the best fabrics for each creation. We sat down with Desire’e and asked her a few questions about her life as a designer […]