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New Year-New Designers

Here we are at the start of a new year. This is the time of year when people will attempt to keep their resolutions.  One resolution that always seems to appear is changing your look.  Now I am not going to focus on changing your whole appearance, but rather how to add new things to […]

Negotiation Steps for Fashion Designers

Starting a fashion business will require a lot of investments. You’ll need to find a location for your store of office, you’ll need to source your fabrics, you’ll need to invest in your production, you’ll need to get your products shipped, you’ll need to get a website, etc. You’ll maybe also need to get a […]

Keeping Your Favorite Clothes From the Donation Bin

Saving a few dollars on upkeep of your clothing can mean the world of difference, and can help you get more bang for your buck, per se, than if you had otherwise treated your clothing less-than it should be treated. Throwing your clothes in the washer and dryer without looking may be the biggest sin […]

When to hire a PR agency for your fashion brand?

        As an emerging  designer, you are responsible for everything that happens in your business.   As you gain customers, establish more contacts, and participate in more fashion weeks, you are probably considering if you should continue the work yourself or is it time to bring in a PR professional (consultant or agency). […]

Pippa Middleton Style Outfit of the Day

For some classic and elegant fashion inspiration, where better to look than to the royal family and Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of  Cambridge is such a style icon! Recently Pippa was spotted wearing this fashionable outfit that adds a great splash of color to a dreary winter day! We re-created Pippa’s stylish outfit of […]

YouTube Vloggers to Watch (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our compilation of YouTube vloggers we think you should subscribe to. They started off by making silly videos in their bedrooms, moved on to making some money whenever someone clicked on the ads before their videos and now  they write books, have their own clothing labels, appear on television, attend […]

The High and Low of 2014’s Designer Collaborations

‘Designer collaborations’ were the words on everyone’s newsfeed this year. 2014 was definitely the year for designer collaborations that generated excitement or headaches among fashion followers. The teaming of high fashion designers and big box retailers is not new, but why do they still happen and why do you care? Simply, this is high end fashion made […]

Branding and Communications for Emerging Designer Part 3

On Part 1/3 we studied the basics of the concepts of communications and branding. On part 2/3 we saw the important points to think about for business communications when you are a young designer trying to get yourself out there. Now, what about the direct communications to the customer? When it comes to communicating to […]

The Non – Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who doesn’t love a fun holiday ugly christmas sweater party? It’s a chance for you to pull out or create the tackiest spirited sweater you can find, but when those parties are over and it’s time to settle down to a nice holiday meal, you’ll want to be cozy in a comfortable but stylish sweater. […]

YouTube and Fashion: 5 Vloggers to Watch (Part 1)

Welcome, Luevo readers, to the world of YouTube that I’ve fallen so crazy in love with. It’s a video-sharing website for anyone and everyone looking for quick tips, do-it-yourself projects, video gameplays, tutorials, vlogs, unboxings, first impressions, music; really just any kind of content you could dream of. The greatest thing about YouTube, in my opinion, […]