Introducing Emerging Fashion Designer Joeleen Torvick

Inspired by the everyday, emerging fashion designer Joeleen Torvick designs women’s clothes that are sophisticated, luxurious, and chic. The light, airy architecture style is versatile enough for both work and play. The designs are both modern and refined while still allowing women to showcase their individual style.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Joeleen grew up dreaming about designing clothing, eventually attending the London College of Fashion. Joeleen had since moved back to North America to intern with David Rodriguez in New York city. After focusing on custom pieces, Joeleen decided to return to Minnesota and started building her own brand. We welcome Joeleen and we are excited to see her new collection soon to be available on Luevo.

Joleen Torvick independent fashion designer  Joleen Torvick independent fashion designer  Joleen Torvick


Article written by Bhreigh Gillis

Introducing Anabaptise, Independent Fashion Label

Expressive design and effortlessly chic, Anabaptise , an independent fashion label, entered onto the fashion stage in 2013 designing for the style-seeking individual looking to break free from conventional fashion. Luxurious silk and silk blends help create a chic feminine look for day that can easily transition to a beautiful evening look for night.

Anabaptise is making headway creating innovative and unique pieces that transcend both season and time. Often times, pieces are reversible and can be matched to create casual or dressy looks. The brand is not even a year old, but is receiving enough praise for the designer to build future plans for embracing feminine empowerment, sophistication and individuality through the designs.

ana baptise


Article written by Bhreigh Gillis 


Today’s feature: Created by Fortune

Melissa Fortune of Created by Fortune in New York discovered an underground and hidden market: edgy-glam. Her time interning with Fila USA and being a fashionista herself, led her to create a feminine and bold hybrid of her own style.

Created by Fortune,  has something for everybody. Your prim and proper businesswomen to a rocker musician whose wardrobe has studs from head to toe, there is a piece to add to your style. Based in New York, her pieces have been featured in Vogue, Song of Style blog, Elements Magazine and the New York Post.

created by fortune created by fortune

Article written by: Bhreigh Gillis

Spotlight on Toby Lynn Gems

Toby Lynn Gems specializes in bold statement jewelry that is inspired by Art Deco, Belle Epoque, Georgian and Modernism. Each piece is made from precious and semi precious stones, crystals, sterling silver, 14 and 18kt gold. Most pieces are one of a kind and limited edition.

Toby Fischer, the Creative Designer for Toby Gems is based in New York and she creates jewelry as an extension of fashion, beauty and art. For Toby, it’s all about making women feel special, using metals to enhance a woman’s eye colour and skin tone. It’s mixing these pieces with materials like lace, crystals and rubies to bring out warmth in the skin and sparkle in the eye.

toby lynn gemstoby lynn gems

Introducing D’avi Knitwear

D’avi Knitwear produces original luxurious one of a kind knitwear for both women and men. Jewelery, sweaters, dresses and scarves all are produced with outstanding craftsmanship using high quality European yarns, specifically from places in Italy.

Designed in Thornhill, Canada, D’avi Knitwear specializes on making subtle luxurious comfort. Each garment incorporates couture and modern patterns into the design, bringing knitwear into the world of fashion and style.

d'avi knitwear d'avi knitwear

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Article written by Bhreigh Gillis.

Featuring Fashion Designer Paychi Guh

Everyday luxury, the term is synonymous with one of the most comfortable, high quality and easy to wear fabrics: cashmere. There is nothing quiet as refined, modern and versatile as cashmere and Paychi Karen Guh capitalizes on the fabric’s qualities beautifully.

Paychi Karen Guh is a Seattle based knitwear designer who found her true passion for making beautiful sweaters after spending time traveling the country sourcing fabrics as the Design Director with Nordstrom. Inspired by architecture and modern art, the garments she makes are a daily indulgence.

Paychi GuhPaychi Karen Guh


Paychi Guh will soon feature unique and limited edition products on Luevo. Register here to be the first to know when her next collections will be available.

Article written by Bhreigh Gillis

Designer of the day, KhuKhuz Fashion

KhuKhuz Fashion owned Beryl Phala is a Manchester, UK based fashion designer who specializes in both bespoke and ready-to-wear ladies clothing. Beryl’s designs are versatile, feminine and classic, yet contemporary.

Beryl’s vision is simple – she designs pieces to make women feel special, unique, chic and confident. To execute her vision takes time, hand stitching each garment and using the highest quality silk, tulle, chiffon and wool jersey. Beryl’s designs are versatile, designed to empower women at the beach, home or office party.

khuzkhuz fashion

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Article by Bhreigh Gillis


Today’s designer: Julianah Rotimi Jewellery

Julianah Rotimi Jewellery – bold and edgy jewellery with a subtle touch of sophistication. This is a unique combination that looks good as a statement street style piece or on the red carpet stealing the show.

This London, U.K. based formally educated Goldsmith, Silversmith and Fashion Jeweller does not sacrifice quality for design, making pieces that are uniquely shaped as well as durable. The bends, sharp spikes, dainty chains and other beautiful elements that are part of her latest collections are inspired from horror movies and medieval torture techniques. Julianah focuses on drawing inspiration from “everything, anything” as there is an art form to be captures in everything, especially what we take for granted.

Julianah Rotimi JewelleryJulianah Rotimi Jewellery

Article by Bhreigh Gillis.

Business Fashion & Beyond with Hannah Yakobi

FAJO is Canada’s leading digital fashion magazine. Started in Canada, the publication is international in Italy, the USA and the UK. Hannah Yakobi, the Editor-In-Chief of FAJO was the main speaker for the Fashion, Business & Beyond event. One of the topics discussed was harnessing the digital space for a brand by explaining the importance of quality photos, shortening links and creating specific hashtags.

FAJO_Hanna Yakobi

Quality photos may sound like an obvious positive brand experience but is often overlooked with small labels. A little effort goes a long way – nobody expects professional imagery for start-ups, but effort is required. Taking quality photos is about promoting the brand, so jeopardizing it with poorly executed photos should be avoided. If a brand is not willing to put effort into displaying pieces, certainly nobody would be interested in investing time or money with the brand. Utilize a historical building, a beach or a park. Ask around for help, photography students or a friend who takes pictures as a past time.

Secondly, shortening links is an easy yet vital part of operating a successful in the digital realm. It’s no surprise that having a digital presence is a necessary part of operating in the twenty-first century. Use it effectively, for Twitter and Facebook, shorten your links. You only have 140 characters on Twitter to sell the brand so there is no room for long links. Give followers something clean and professional to look at. Websites like Bitly or Google URL Shortener are free options to use to shorten links.

Finally, create a memorable and unique hashtag to help followers be able to connect with how others are experiencing the brand. Whether it is campaign specific, or something the brand will use time and time again, a quick search on Twitter will allow you to know how many people – if any – have used the hashtag. It’s an opportunity to own a piece of digital space, if marketed effectively enough it will be instantly recognizable for your brand.


Fashion is a competitive world and these changes in the digital space for your brand are necessary to stay competitive. Take the time, make a plan and dedicate time to learn to make the above three habit. The only thing more exciting than creating the labels next collection is having an engaged audience to motivate and cheer you on along the way.


Guest Blogger: Bhreigh Gillis, Community Manager at Luevo and blogger.

Feature image and Hannah Yakobi photo credits to Fajo magazine.


VAWK – Knowing Your Woman by Sunny Fong

On July 3rd, FAJO Magazine, hosted a “Fashion, Business and Beyond” event in Toronto. The intention of the seminar was to educate emerging fashion designers to understand the importance of the business side of being a designer.

Sunny Fong independent Fashion Designer

Sunny Fong, a familiar name if you’ve watched Project Runway season two, successfully won the contest with his label VAWK. Although he doesn’t need to use his television fame assist in creating opportunities anymore, he does acknowledge how many doors it opened for him along the way. The underlying theme throughout his lecture was getting to know the woman (or man) you’re designing for. Not just how exactly who is wearing your designs, but her disposable income, fashion preferences and where to save or spend.

It’s common for designers imagine a confident twenty-something woman wearing their designs, it’s supposed to be the best time of your life and can only be strengthened if surrounded by beautiful clothing. As this ideal vision unfolds, there is an unfortunate and often forgotten about disconnect. The twenty-something age group doesn’t usually have a disposable income for clothing in the hundreds or even thousands per piece. This is one of the key reasons why fashion designers fail. Sunny knows his woman and understands she what she needs in a garment and doesn’t tailor to an age group that isn’t purchasing his designs.

The next thing to know about your woman is her preference for fast versus sustainable luxurious fashion. For Sunny, it’s the woman who craves a deeper sense of luxury. The pieces he designs are expensive, made with quality fabrics and an intricate design, often by hand. This kind of detailing and design cannot be replicated by fast fashion.

Finally, knowing when to spend and save on your business is vital. While it’s lovely to spend money on silk linings for sample pieces as an example, it isn’t practical. Silk doesn’t look any nicer than polyester as far as a sample piece goes. Spend money on your customer, not your sample pieces. Also, if you can achieve the same look and feel with two similar products, one less expensive, choose the less expensive option.
Sunny Fong Emerging fashion designer

Clearly, these principles are what Sunny built VAWK on and is the reason why he is a success. A little planning, dedication and projecting business sense into the future will help bring your label to the top.

To learn more about VAWK please click here.
Guest Blogger: Bhreigh Gillis, Community Manager at Luevo and blogger.