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Having freshly arrived more than 2 years ago in Dublin, I am proud to consider myself a happy French Dubliner. This new exposure to the Ireland fashion scene led me to discover Irish fashion blogs. This was just one of my first Irish cultural discoveries (in addition to my first pint of Guinness).

What I found was an emerging platform, still trying to define its own identity in the middle of the big French, Italian and Scandinavian famous bloggers. As much as some emerging designers in Ireland are trying to modernize an  Irish Fashion Identity, the bloggers are trying to apply the same dynamic to fashion blogging.

After a year and a half of  living in Dublin, I created Stylindublin, a fashion business consultancy website. In order to understand the market for my website,  I had to thoroughly research Irish bloggers. That’s when I realised that most of those on the Irish Fashion Blogging scene had the same mission: To define a modern Irish Fashion Identity.

In this post, you’ll find 5 blogs shaping the new Irish fashion landscape.

Anoushka Proetta Brandon
Anoushka is a beautiful girl, with a great sense of style. Living in Dublin, she brings an air of elegance to the Irish fashion scene. She inspires readers to mix up basic pieces with a touch of trends to make sure outfits don’t bore you . She seems like a blogger that any girl would aspire to look like.

Anoushka fashion blog

So Sue Me
So Sue Me on the other hand is a typical blog Irish. This is one of the most followed blogs in Ireland and acknowledged as the most influential fashion blog in Ireland. So Sue Me posts a lot about outfits and beauty tips, and how Irish fashion is influencing the celebrities in tabloids.


The Concrete Collar
The Concrete Collar is quite a refreshing blog. A mix between Fashion and Architecture, The Concrete Collar brings a new breath into the Irish fashion blogosphere. Mainly promoting Irish designers, this blog shows outfits in fantastic scenery that presents Irish fashion on a modern and edgy path.


Anna, Polish born and living in Dublin, loves to read and write about fashion. She has a vision that makes her different from the other Irish girls. Anna captures trends, mixes styles, and shares new designers, Anna has a sense of style and brings fun back into the Irish fashion world.


Ellie Jayden
Another innovative blog is Ellie Jayden. This purple haired fashion youngster  is representing fashionable teens in Ireland. She shares her own style, gives advice, and uses fashion to have fun.

The Irish fashion blogging scene is still popular as magazines broadcast trends and these are written about (or copied) onto numerous blogs. This scene is slowly growing: blogs focus on personal style, as Anna from Fashion_stylistka and Ellie Jayden show. Other blogs, such as The Concrete Collar are also showing that Irish fashion is emerging and growing quickly. What readers can be optimistic about is that there’s a lot of efforts by bloggers to improve and build a modern Irish fashion blogosphere.

If you are in Ireland and passionate about fashion, please create a blog to share a style that is your own! Ireland still has space for freshness to shake up the Irish blogosphere. You can create a new, vibrant and modern fashion Irish identity !

This article was written by Alexandra. You can follow her on Twitter.

Instagram and Fashion: 5 Emerging Instagrammers

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms available to the masses. If you don’t know what Instagram is, the app that is available for your smartphone gives users the option to edit and share photos with quirky filters. Instagrammers’ latest masterpieces can be shared with their followers.

It has become a great way for fashionistas to showcase their style and inspire their followers to express themselves through the clothes they wear and the photos they share. Because of this, I have found some of my favorite Instagrammers to inspire Luevo readers.

Meet fashion blogger Pari Ehsan. One look at her Instagram feed and I was instantly entranced. Her photos exhibit beautiful pieces of artwork found in galleries and studios from all around the world alongside her alluring outfits, stunning makeup and elegant hairstyles. On her website you can read her admirable take on each design and even learn about her ensemble. It’s no wonder she has over 200K Instagram followers.


Paridust Instagram starFrom @paridust

Christina Caradona is fashion and lifestyle blogger based in New York City. Her feed is the perfect blend of citystyle meets avant-garde. Although her outfits are beyond good-looking, it is on her blog where you can actually find out what she is wearing in each photo plus gain exclusive know-how on the ways she keeps herself looking radiant and healthy. Her 135K friends on Instagram probably love her fashion sense as much as I do.

Troprouge Instagram starFrom @troprouge

Vintage lover, Steffy Degreff, is a happily married, doggy-momma who launched Steffy’s Pros and Cons  back in 2011. Her photos on Instagram are what originally caught my eye because they are so lively and colourful, not to mention, stylish. However it was her just as nicely-polished, blog that stole my heart with all its trendy posts and photos of her dog, Claude Pepper. Find out what Degreff is wearing at the bottom of each blog post. 51K followers is nothing to look past and this instagrammer is definitely on her way up.

Steffy instagram starFrom @steffyspandcs

This Instagrammer’s name is Bonnie Barton and her Instagram photos are some of the cutest I have seen. Almost every one of her posts has her signature hazy filter and her lucky 120K followers get to see some adorable cats, every once in a while. But what I loved the most were her charming outfits. I can tell she is a fan of floral and lace, but she always finds ways to switch it up with different prints or styles while maintaining that feminine approach. Learn what she is wearing from her blog,  Flashes of Style.

Flashesofstyle Instagram StarFrom @flashesofstyle

Last, but certainly not least, we meet “aliencreature”, a self-proclaimed martian who happens to have great style. Her metallic-purple hair is one of the things her followers admire most about her but when looking through her website, Alien Creaturex. it became clear that they love her edgy fashions as much as I. Although she is not an official fashion blogger, she definitely inspires her 320K followers to push the boundaries and take risks with the clothes they wear.

Aliencreature Instagram starFrom @aliencreature

Who are some of your favourite instagrammers? Give them a shoutout by tweeting @luevofashion

This article was written by our co-op student-extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

City Style Profile: Washington, D.C.

Walk down any street in Washington, D.C. and you’ll see a mixing bowl of styles. A buttoned up K Street lawyer, a jogger in workout gear, a fashionista in skyscraping heels and draped dress. With that said, just like the eclectic group of people walking the D.C. streets, bloggers in the city take on a range of styles.

When looking for style inspiration, I often land on D.C. blogger’s sites like A Lacey Perspective, Fashionably Broke and Be Loud Be You. Here’s a bit more about these bloggers and D.C’s city style:

A Lacey Perspective

A Lacey Perspective puts a great spin on the classic “preppy” look that seems to be uniform in the nation’s capital, pairing plaids and neutrals with bright heels and accessories.

Lacey has been around the D.C. fashion blogging for years now. She has a great look, in a matter of a few years she’s gone from long hair to a more edgy short hair cut as of recent and really stands out from the crowd. She brings out the best of and punches up classic styles and adds in some trendy pieces. She writes about items she’s coveting, and documenting her own personal style so others can gain inspiration.

A Lacey Perspective blog

Fashionably Broke

Fashionably Broke is a blog run by a set of sisters. Their style is a lot more edgy, trendier, like they just stepped out of a Nasty Gal or Topshop lookbook. They are the epitome of of-the-moment fashion and they share outfit posts and things they’re promoting. One of the sisters recently traveled to New York Fashion Week where they documented their experiences, which we’re super jealous of.

Fashionably Broke blog

Be Loud Be You

I love Be Loud Be You, I’m really into vintage fashion and this blogger has a great mix of thrifted items, items from ASOS and really unique clothes from indie designers and high-end designers. She also combines intellect with fashion and discusses her thoughts about things happening in her world and combines it with her sense of style.


What’s really exciting about D.C. bloggers is that they’re stepping out from the mold and not the same as other bloggers in other cities. They’re unique in that they have day jobs while working on their personal brand and are stepping out of the stodgy mold D.C. has and pushing to make fashion more important in their city.

This article was written by Kurie. You can follow her on Twitter @KurieFitz

The Need for the Modernization of Fashion Week

Chanel Fashion Week

1945, New York city marks the first fashion week in history.

Travelling to Europe at this time (especially to Paris) was difficult for people working in the clothing/fashion industry. As a solution to this issue, Eleanor Lambert created the “ Press Week” for fashion designers to unveil their collections. Fashion magazines and fashion buyers were at the front row as the main target of these presentations.

Almost 70 years later, is this model of Fashion Week still relevant?

The “Press Week” that was initially created in order to shift attention from Parisian designers to American ones in time of the World War had been a success from the beginning: magazines started to talk directly to designers and publish American Fashion at the time when Paris was ruling the industry; they changed the attention from Paris to New York fashion.

The Press Week was not only for designers to get press coverage, but was organised in order for buyers to get a first glance at the next trends, next designers and to prepare and place their orders.

From New York, Milan, London, and Paris, this model has developed and become a huge hit in order to present to the press the local star designers and their designs. This led to the boom of fashion in major fashion capitals like Ready to Wear in New York.

The post war economic boom contributed to the constant growth of the fashion scene, attracting more fans and becoming more affordable. Department stores became bigger, expanded, and fashion press developed and became more influential. Press Weeks turned into the super famous Fashion Week: the inevitable milestone for any true fashionista.

Galliano Fashion Week

The zenith of the 80’s showed an exuberance of style and confirmed the importance of Fashion Weeks and their importance on the Fashion Industry.

In the 90s, a more minimalist style trend developed and is a trend which is still relevant today: The Super Model.

In the 2000s, LVMH and Kering (formally PPR) brought large investments into this fashion frenzy. Capital, competition, and the advent of the Internet opened to these companies and brands new opportunities and markets.

With an evolution of the Fashion Week model, we are recently witnessing an event that has gained social and economical power, and visibility. This event has the power to tailor a whole industry. During this evolution, space and legitimacy gave way to Fast Fashion. By copying catwalks and making designs more accessible to the public, fashion became not only an entertainment of the elite and wealthy, but available to everyone.

This presents an issue: how are the high prices of luxurious clothes justified? Especially when you can get the same style, design, and trend at the shop around the street corner for an affordable price? The answer lies in branding for these big fashion houses. By creating the need to buy more coveted products with new lines of: leather goods (commonly shoes and bags), perfumes, accessories and cosmetics. These products are promoted and fashionistas feel a need to buy them through high branding. To do so, one of the strategies has been to use Fashion Weeks as a convector of value. The Fashion Weeks gradually transformed from a presentation of various collections to an extraordinary show.

The Fashion Week as we know it today welcomes all of the hit fashion editors to promote heavy communication about the shows, brands, and celebrities to add value (after all, they are the style leaders). Bloggers and extremely well known models (Kate, Naomi, Gisele, Cara among the many) are new influencers in the industry. From a presentation that targeted buyers and media, Fashion Week has almost exclusively shifted into an event for these two words: public relations.

Givenchy front row


As a designer company, to be able to present a collection at Fashion Week and gain attendants you need a lot of resources. In 2011, Robert Duffy revealed to the NY Times that the Fall Winter 2011 show of Marc Jacobs costed 1,000,000$. Not every designer can afford that level of investment.

How to get this return on investment? Again, on these leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics. Not on clothing.

So how can new designers get the attention of the media without the same resources as big brands? Where is the place of the fashion designer in all of this frenzy?

The concept of Fashion Week needs a change if we want to get back to the original idea of the concept. Nevertheless, it cannot come back to the event it was 70 years ago.

The target of Fashion Week has to be redefined in order to leave some place to the fashion buyers, give space to new designers that need the attention and excitement around the Fashion Industry.

Several events are on a good track to redefine the target of Fashion Week. The Vogue Night Out and Dublin Fashion Festival, just to name a few are bringing fashion back to fashionistas, bloggers, and customers while allowing branding to continue. Fashion Weeks should run as events held only for professionals: high-end media, buyers and shareholders/investors.

Not only will doing this lead to cuts in needed investments for the event by concentrating on the core of the business, but it will also allow new comers to get the chance to present their work, build networks and gain visibility. Maintaining an event that contributes to the branding of a fashion house and having an additional event could benefit all the audiences that Fashion Week draws.

Now, fashion bloggers get refused at the entrance of some Fashion Week events. Designers have also taken a step back from that frenzy (eg. Helmut Lang and lately Jean Paul Gaultier). The industry is slowly developing new events such as smaller Fashion Weeks (Istanbul, Stockholm, Warsaw, Athens, etc.) and Fashion Festivals. It seems that the industry is realizing the need for a shift in the Fashion Week model for the next decade 2010’s. To attract business and welcome new comers and customers while communicating through the media

Hopefully this will help in bringing more creativity on the fashion scene.

Chanel Fashion Week 2

This article was written by Alex. Follow her @Stylindublin

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Southern Style: A closer look at the Dallas Fashion scene

The fashion world is constantly expanding especially when it comes to previously undiscovered fashion scenes. The South is doing its part to bring more attention to its own fashion scene.  One place in particular is Dallas, Texas which is gaining more notoriety in the world of fashion. Even the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld stopped by for his traveling fashion show there last December.   One upcoming fashion event to take notice of is Fashion X Dallas.   The three night event will take place November 6-8, showcasing collections from gifted independent and emerging designers from the U.S along with other countries. The event includes eight emerging designer runways and one headlining collection to close the evening taking place on November 6th and 7th.   Dallas also has its share of noteworthy fashion bloggers who are sharing their take on what’s hot in the world of fashion.  Here I am highlighting three Dallas based bloggers who not only have their own significant online presence, but keep readers up to date with the latest fashion happenings in  Dallas and surrounding areas.

So Then They Say
Mary Summers Hafner is the owner of the travel, fashion and lifestyle blog So Then They Say.  Since launching in January 2011 it has developed quite a following on social media (i.e Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).  Originally starting off as a fashion only blog So Then They Say has since incorporated travel and Home Décor. Recently Mary attended the Mulberry opening in Dallas . Summers Hafner offers an interesting balance of her travel finds & fashion in Dallas along with other areas. To find out more about Mary Summers Hafner check out her blog at

Mary  Summer Hafner of Of Then They Say

Oh So Cynthia
Another noteworthy Dallas based blogger to highlight is Cynthia Smoot of the lifestyle blog Oh So Cynthia. Smoot spends her time as a Marketing Strategist, Public Relations networker, Southern Belle and Blogger.    Oh So Cynthia is where you will find the latest events and trendy people in the Dallas area. From food to fashion and things in between if it’s happening in Dallas you will find it on Oh So Cynthia.You can catch Cynthia at upcoming fashion events such as Fashion for a Passion and FGI Night of Stars on November 1st & 14th. You can find Oh So Cynthia at  Oh So Cynthia can also be found on several social media platforms including YouTube!

Dallas Lifestyle Fashion Blogger Cynthia Smoot

Doni Brown
Lastly, Doni Brown has her own blog/website Doni Brown.  In addition to being a fashion blogger Doni is the owner the brand TWEAKED, as well as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. She also is one of the contributors of on DFW Beauty Guide.  Not only will you find events, fashion news, and tips you will also find a fashion styling section.  Here you will find personal sessions with services offered by Brown such as wardrobe reconstruction, wardrobe maintenance, personal event styling, and group styling.   You can catch Doni at Style Your Life on November 1st.   To keep up with the latest from Doni and her blog check out at .  She can also be found Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus just to name a few.

Doni Brown

Dallas is making sure that the fashion fans and pros alike take notice of what it has to offer when it comes to fashion.  From bloggers, designers, and events Dallas based fashion will receive the recognition that it deserves.  Be sure to check out Fashion X Dallas on November 6-8 and be on the lookout for Mary, Cynthia and Doni.  I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more from the Dallas fashion scene.

This article is written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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Alexander Wang X H&M launched today

Alexander Wang front row

The hype:
You’ve heard the hype for a while now: Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M has launched today and tons of fashionistas are lining up to get their hands on exclusive pieces. It all started on Alexander Wang’s Instagram account, when he shocked Instagram followers with an announcement that he would be collaborating with H&M. As the launch date grew near, sneak peeks of the collection continued to pop up on fashion news channels. Now Alexander Wang x H&M has launched with a bang – stunning fashionistas all over the world like what happened at Shanghai’s launch with legendary kpop group 2NE1 performing for the collection.

Click here for a look into the Toronto launch minutes after H&M opened, fast forward to 5:00 for the fashion madness

Alexander poses with the 2NE1 girls

Alexander poses with the 2NE1 girls

Blogger Borjana models a look

Blogger Borjana models a look

Live update:
Alexander Wang x H&M opened its doors at 8 A.M. today and shoppers were all given wristbands and a time limit of around 10 minutes to shop. Luckily for U.S. shoppers, the collection was made available online, but unluckily it seems like everyone’s wanting a piece as the site is currently down. For nine to fivers that were unable to make it out personally to shop for pieces, Kijiji and Craigslist ads have been posted offering to buy pieces for a fee. This is the smartest thing we’ve heard of and a necessity as a huge line had formed a day before the event. How else will we get a chance at wearing the hottest new sportswear? But it looks like you’ll need to empty out your pockets because some sellers quoted a hundred dollar service fee!

alexander wang clothes

One shopper’s did good at H&M

Photo credit @kkiimsm

Designer collaborations:
The hype makes this event so much fun, but we have to ask if we’ll be wearing these pieces in the longterm and if the hype reflects the quality of the collection. It’s a great marketing strategy for high and low to sell together as shown by the success of previous collaborations. And most importantly, it allows fashionistas to wear brands they’ve coveted at prices they can actually afford. For those that don’t closely follow fashion trends or don’t have a large interest in the fashion world (“Vera Wang?” anonymous asks) they won’t understand the madness. But these collaborations are extremely popular and the demand for designer pieces won’t stop anytime soon.

Alexander Wang runway

Taking a Dive into Hawaii ’s Fashion Scene

On the heels of national recognition of Hawaii’s ability to incubate designers into full-on style stars with Kini Zamora’s third place finish on Project Runway, Hawaii Fashion Month is set to make its own splash. A whole month dedicated to fashion in one area might seem like a lot but, all November long, a variety of events will take place such as the first-ever Honolulu Fashion Week, pop-up shops, panels and presentations. What’s even better is the backdrop, beautiful scenario and exquisite clothing that’s synonymous with Hawaii Fashion Month.

The month aims to bring attention to up-and-coming and stalwart designers making waves in the Hawaiian and worldwide fashion scene. Unlike other fashion weeks where runway shows are the main focus, Hawaii Fashion Month hones in on some of the most important people involved in the fashion industry today: the community. It goes without saying that bloggers have become some of the most important people in the fashion community; they help to get new designers names out to the public, and they give the world a bird’s eye view into fashion that they might not otherwise get. Hawaiian bloggers are sure to make a showing during Hawaiian Fashion Month. Here’s who we expect will pop up at various events:

Summer Shiigi of Summer Style

Summer is a stylist, personal shopper, blogger and all-around Renaissance woman by anyone’s standards. She’ll surely be out at various events throughout Hawaii Fashion Month. We can’t wait to see what she wears (and which events she styles).

Blogger1Photo credit:

Natalie Schack of Lei Chic Blog
Natalie is the associate editor of Lei Chic, a daily blog that posts about the latest Honolulu fashion news, deals, and trends. She’ll be covering events like the Honolulu Fashion Week launch event on Thursday, November 6.


Malie Moran of Hawaii Red Style
Hawaii Red Style is bringing street style shots and fashion news from the Hawaii beaches and streets from island to island. Malie Moran, Hawaii Red Style founder, recently co-wrote a book featuring the unique fashions of Honolulu. Wear your best street style bait to, and you may be featured in a blog post.

Honolulu Streetstyle

Not sure of what events to attend? Be sure to follow the bloggers we’ve highlighted here and also don’t be afraid to take a dip (or dive) into the Hawaiian fashion waters to experience all that the paradise has to offer when it comes to innovative style.

This article was written by Kurie. Follow her on Twitter @kuriefitz

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Luevo caught up with designer Marcus Andrews


We asked Marcus Andrews, what is his favorite thing about being a designer? He said “seeing people enjoy my product and cherish it in the same way that I do.” We know Marcus’ work is definitely cherished, since many people are recognizing his amazing line called M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection. From professional athletes to everyday people in Marcus’ community, he is creating an amazing momentum and excitement in menswear.

From suits to ties and shoes, M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection has something for you. Just visit Marcus has the amazing talent of creating classic and timeless styles for men. His collection stands by the quote, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” –Gucci

Marcus told Luevo that he stays inspired by knowing that he is building a legacy based on his creativity. We are just thrilled that we get to experience his creativity in creating fine menswear.

Luevo caught up with Kristine Rodriguez of Responsive Textiles

Designer, Kristine Rodriguez, moved to San Diego, California in the summer of 2012. She started her career as a freelance Graphic Designer but had a passion for knitwear fashion. Although Kristine did not have “connections” to break in to this tough fashion industry, she made her way onto such a huge platform, called San Diego Fashion Week where she was able to debut her line called Responsive Textiles.

When designing a collection, Kristine usually thinks of a way to answer the question “How do I visually express this idea and keep it functional and beautiful?” Although it’s a lot of trial and error to get the result that she wants, it’s definitely worth it.

I believe a knit machine was the best thing that was ever discovered because now we get to enjoy all of this amazing fashion from Responsive Textiles.

“We believe clothes are our second skin, and they should be as unique and human as we are.” –Kristine Rodriguez

This article was written by Darcel. Follow her on Twitter @DarcelWorld

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Ticket to the Tents: Day 7 NYFW Trend Report

Featuring Betsey Johnson, Erin Fetherston, Anna Sui, Deola Sagoe/Clan, Michael Kors

We are wrapping up our New York Fashion Week coverage, and survived 7 days of running around the city to bring you the latest and greatest in fashion week news! Here is our take on Day 7 trends!


What’s fashion week without an over-the-top runway presentation by Betsey Johnson? Boring! And our team at doesn’t like boring, so luckily for us, we have Betsey Johnson’s runway to look forward to every season. Betsey showcased her Spring collection on Day 7, opening up the show with 2 models representing gay marriage.  When they turned around their suit coats said pre-nup! And that was the name of Betsey’s wedding-themed collection.



Erin Fetherston’s collection was classically simple, but lovely.  Erin featured black and white, pastel yellows, and deep shades of blue.  By default, Betsey’s collection featured a lot of white, since it was wedding themed.  Michael Kors’ collection was also heavy on the blues and yellows, though there were some pastels, and black and white separates intermixed in the collection.


No one mixes prints like Anna Sui, and for her Spring 2015 collection she did not disappoint. Erin Fetherston also incorporated florals, but again in a simple, but sophisticated way. The florals in Erin’s collection did not overwhelm the garments.  Michael Kors featured a plethora of print looks, but the prints were either floral based or plaid based.

Michael Kors - Fashion GPS

Anna Sui - Fashion GPS







Betsey Johnson’s runway featured lots of tulle, as to be expected for her wedding themed collection.  Betsey also featured a few looks that resembled nylon or plastic that would typically be used for rain coat materials! I could definitely see Miley Cyrus in one of these  plastic-esque looks! Erin incorporated sheer fabrics into her collection for use in her striped looks.



The Anna Sui models had everything from veils to shades. It was a really cool runway! Betsey Johnson’s wedding themed collection entitled Pre-Nup featured fun heels and fun handbags.  She created a cake shape handbag and a lipstick shaped handbag.



DEBUT RUNWAY: Deola Sagoe/Clan

The brands Deola Sagoe and Clan fashions debuted for the first time at New York Fashion Week.  Deola Sagoe is the designer behind the Deola Sagoe label, while the clan collection is designed by her daughters Tena, Tiwa, and Aba Sagoe.  They labels are based in Africa, and this was their first time showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The looks were unique, and we love to see emerging and up and coming designers featured at New York Fashion Week.


Written by Shalanda Turner, Style Editor