Summer Fashion Essentials – Part 1

With spring coming to a close, it’s time to start focusing on the upcoming season of sun dresses and floppy hats: summer. Summer is no longer on the horizon; it’s within reach. What we need are quality items that will stand the test of time and look great. These essentials will definitely get you through the event filled summer months. It’s time to start shopping for your summer fashion must-haves. #trendwatch sunhats

A Sun Hat; Whether you plan on spending those seemingly endless days touring new territory or lounging poolside, you’ll definitely need one of these. Even though sunglasses are great, a sun hat will protect against UV rays. You don’t want a straw hat that looks like it belonged to your grandmother. Go for something stylish. Your sun hat will keep you safe from the sun and you’ll look great.

#trendwatch maxislip

Midi Skirts and Maxi Dresses; Not just any maxi dress, but one that is convertible. For during the day, pair it with sandals and the classic updo. When you get that last-minute event invite, throw on your coveted pair of heels and let your hair down. Instantly, you’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

#trendwatch prettyinprint

Print; Add dimension and colour to your wardrobe with prints, specifically print pants. It’s an ongoing summer trend that shows no signs of stopping. Print shoes, dresses, and even swimwear. There’s an endless selection of ways to rock this trend.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our summer fashion must-haves! What are some of  your summer essentials?

Written by Tianna Alexandre, Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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Getting to Know Skyler Man Jewelry

The new Skyler Man collection, The World is Yours, shares a commonality of the natural world;  natural stones, pearls, gold and silver in all of their jewelry.  The jewelry is rich in style as well as substance – it will not lose value as the seasons change, but become a timeless staple in your wardrobe. The World is Yours is dedicated to the distinction between the romantic and dark side of nature. Pre-order pieces from the newly launched collection here!


I really appreciate the message you have behind your jewelry. How did you got involved with sustainable goods and what inspired you to move towards that?

We pride ourselves on the point that Skyler Man is an eco-responsible brand and we aim to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. Not only do we use recycled gold and silver, as well as conflict-free diamonds, but we are committed to this pursuit even behind the scenes. Our packaging materials, our tissue paper, our stamps, ribbons, mannequins, everything we use, is either recycled or recyclable, locally produced and made in the USA. It’s really just our signature, what we believe in and this philosophy extends beyond our jewelry line and into the way we want to appreciate the world because, why not?

If you can minimize your carbon footprint, then why not do that? But also, jewelry is not so much a philosophy but an aesthetic luxury, and truth be told, it’s also the way a piece of jewelry looks and feels when it’s hand-made that really led me on this journey. I decided right from the beginning how I wanted the jewelry to look, and that required it to be hand-made, which required local production, which led to local refineries that utilized recycled materials. I then sourced local companies which offered conflict-free stones and gems. So I would say that my designs and desire towards a certain aesthetic is what originally drove the need for a sustainable product.I wanted that look and feel, so it became a win-win.


What was your designing journey like? Growing up, is this what you aspired to do?

I come from an artistic home. My mom is an artist, a painter. She used to paint little tiny figures and stories on miniature canvases. I can’t paint, but I have been designing for as long as I can remember. I started dabbling in jewelry design at least 15 years ago with the idea for Skyler Man coming about around 5 years ago. It began with the desire to create edgy, punk- rock, urban pieces that embodied a vintage presence through a modern interpretation.

I mostly liked to wear “real” jewelry, meaning made with real gold, silver, and gems. I like the way I feel when I wear a precious piece of jewelry that also holds more value for me. I feel I can pass it on. Instead of a splurge, I feel as if it’s an investment.  So there weren’t too many cool pieces of “real” jewelry out there at the time, so I started to make my own. I learned a lot over time, because my school and training was actual practice and real life mistakes. The brand has evolved over time and naturally through the design process, to include a wide range of pieces that are more affordable and easier to wear, much like the collection we are doing for Luevo.


For each collection, you have a brief description about the inspiration behind it. Do you do any additional research leading up to each collection? i.e. listening to music, researching history, basing a design off of a picture or texture of clothing etc.

I don’t do research leading up to a collection, but I definitely get inspired by various elements and definitely all of those that you mentioned. I don’t need to travel to a distant land and be thrust into foreign experiences to get completely inspired to design and create. I think that comes from within a designer and it can and will be inspired and triggered by immediate circumstances that ignite an idea or thought that lives within. We are all made up of experiences.

I am lucky enough to have grown up in New York, where my artistic interpretation has been shaped by the rich diversity that paints this city. I am and have always been inspired by the urban streets, past and present, and always the unique styles that represent the times, which primarily include music and clothing. Also, I have a Masters in literature, so my mind is always naturally travelling to different times and various places. I have been conditioned to pay attention to the circumstances which shape thoughts, and so my thoughts are shaped by past experiences and styles, and they manifest themselves and are interpreted into my designs.

If you designed a collection that was solely based off of your personality would we see a lot of colour, texture, and design?

My personality is a dual one. I think most of us are that way. We are not strictly one way or another. My style is black but expensive, an example being the Black Celebration collection. A lot of black diamonds, encased in 18 karat gold, where the diamonds are set upside down so they look like spikes. It’s a sort of edgy glamour or a gothic luxe look.

At the same time, my dark personality is conflicted with my romantic side. Perhaps this comes from my love of Romantic poetry, or perhaps it’s because black spikes look so beautiful paired with bright flowers. Everything looks better and becomes more complimentary when it’s set against its opposite. I would have to say that all my designs are really pieces of my personality. I have to design things that I love and things that I would wear myself. I have to be true to myself and only then I know the designs are good.


I feel that a lot of your pieces stand out on their own and can easily be worn as a statement piece. How long does it take you to find the right materials for a collection? What is that process like?

Sometimes a piece starts with an idea and sometimes it starts with an actual piece of material, like a gem, then I have to build the rest of the piece around that. The hope is always that the piece I make flows smoothly but that’s rarely the case. Like with everything, there is always a multitude of problems, and sometimes I can’t find what I am looking for as easily as I had hoped, but honestly, with experience, the process becomes a lot smoother because at this point I know a little more of what I am doing.

Since fathers day is coming up, what would be your top 3 suggestions as a gift from your collection?

I take pride in the fact that many pieces from Skyler Man are androgynous. It obviously depends on the guy who is wearing it, and on the budget, but if I had to choose for my man, the cufflinks in both gold and silver are great, because you really can’t go wrong with them. I also have teeth cufflinks which look amazing, and they’re cool because they’re teeth, but they’re really substantial and solid.

I also love the Fallen Ring, and the Howl Ring for men, and I found that men love those pieces too. The Pyramid Macrame Bracelet is a really cool, casual piece which I have sold to both men and women alike. Some men who like to be more bling are into the inverted diamond studs and the Black magic earring. But you have to be blingy to pull that off. And if you can, they look amazing.


Is there anything that Skyler Man has yet to do in terms of jewelry that you are looking forward to doing in the future? i.e body chains.

I’m not really into creating jewelry like body chains, I like more classic jewelry, although we did some midi rings which are fun and super cute. The only thing I really look forward to, in terms of design, is more design ideas that I currently have residing in my head. I have an idea for an amazing limited edition, One-of-a-Kind collection. I really can’t wait to do that, but those collections are expensive to make so….soon.

Make sure to keep up to date with Skylar Man and check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

This article was written by Jonika. You can follow her at @JonikaJun.

Meet the New Luevo Team!

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.


My name is Tianna and I’m 18 years old, living somewhere between Downtown Toronto and Oshawa. I can be found with my head buried in fashion magazines and blogs, all while being the Editor-in-Chief of Your Style Forecast, exploring the fresh new trends in terms of fashion and beauty. In my spare time, I enjoy learning everything there is to know about the latest models of the moment (mainly Jourdan Dunn & Maliaka Firth) and I posses  a deep inclination for the written word. Currently I am doing my summer co-op placement at Luevo and really look forward to sharing my blog posts with all of you. Enjoy my thoughts!



After having just finished her third year at Ivey Business School, Zoe is currently working with the Luevo team this summer. She is driven by her curiosity to learn  new things, expecially anything related to the fashion industry. If you have any questions of just want to chat, find her at!

One thing people don’t know about you: I love all types of dessert, but mostly the plain New York cheesecake

Your biggest fashion pet peeve: colour blocking using only brown and black

Your biggest fashion icon: Coco Rocha

3 things you can’t live without: my phone, music, family & friends



This is Sara. Yes, without the H! Born and raised in Maple, ON. She just completed her third year at Brock University in the Business Communications (Honours) program. She is a self proclaimed social butterfly and coffee addict and will be leading Luevo’s PR and communications this summer.

One thing people don’t know about you: Most people do not know that I am allergic to extreme weather changes and I was “accidentally” wrapped in blue when I was born.

Your biggest fashion pet peeve: My biggest fashion pet peeve is when people combine more than one dominant pattern in a outfit.  Leopard print shoes and checkered pants do not complement each other!

Your biggest fashion icon: My biggest fashion icon is Lauren Conrad.  I have fallen in love with her simple but elegant look while showing the fashion world that sometimes less is more.

3 things you can’t live without: Three things I cannot live without are family, close friends and (sad but true) pizza.



Sofie is a second-year Marketing and Communications student at McGill University in the Desautels Faculty of Management. She loves all things marketing and fashion, and she’s thrilled to be working with the passionate and talented marketing team at Luevo this summer!

One thing people don’t know about you: I have NO sense of direction. I need a GPS to get anywhere!

Your biggest fashion pet peeve: Clashing colours.

Your biggest fashion icon: Ooh fashion icons – Emily Schuman from and Lauren Conrad!

3 things you can’t live without: Strawberries, coffee, and my two dogs, Cooper and Morgan


Written by Tianna Alexandre, Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

ZOFF Review: Arts and Fashion Week Toronto

Heaven was walking on the runway on Wednesday evening at Fashion Arts Toronto 2014. Crisp white and basic black minimal pieces, and yet more elegant than ever, ZOFF’s effortlessly chic collection had us falling in love. Classic pieces with a contemporary twist, we are absolutely enamoured by the entire collection. Crusader capes, pencil skirts, pleated dresses; the mix of designs of this collection is endless.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-15 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-11 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-9

Mesh is known for its athletic aesthetic, but there was nothing sporty about the white mesh skirts of this collection. We have seen the mesh trend take over the runaway, but ZOFF’s mesh silhouettes were breathtaking.

We also adored the metal wire sculptures aligned in the centre of the runway. Not only did they add an urban feel to the ultra-delicate collection, but also they nicely complimented the metal statement necklaces worn by the models. It is hard to narrow down our favourite piece from the collection because we simply loved them all, but there are two that stood out the most.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-13 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-5 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-12

The first standout is a white, relatively loose dress paired with a mesh floor length skirt. Pairing the skirt’s transparent fabric with the dress’s solid white fabric, gave the perfect balance for a lady-like design. Adding a feminine touch to the ensemble is the bow at the front of the skirt. This piece is also a great alternative for those brides that want to steer away from the conventional wedding dress and wear a contemporary, yet elegant design on their special day. The second piece that left us speechless is the final piece; a romantic, pure white tulle gown.

Well-placed details and delicate fabrics, the ZOFF collection introduces the modern trends, but preserves the grace of the past.

This article was written by Eleni.

All images from

Introducing Altaf Maaneshia

Fashion is in the moment. It’s an industry full of deeply passionate fashion designers who put their sweat and tears into every piece they create. The man behind the brand Altaf Maaneshia, Altaf himself, is definitely one of those designers. His collections are streamlined, chic, and are intricately detailed. Inspired by neat and structured cuts, his new collection (available here) caters specifically to the powerful modern woman. It features earthy tones, silver accessories, and lots of leather, tweed, taffeta, and wool. Leather being a definite must for fall.

Altaf Maaneshia on runway

Altaf Maaneshia started showing an interest in art and clothes at a young age. In the village he lived in, he would study under a tree. This led to him gathering junk and secretly turning them into small sculptures. He also dabbled with painting.

The designs in Altaf Maaneshia’s new high end contemporary RTW collection are anything but simple. The pieces strike a balance between geometrical cuts and structured lines, while Altaf pays meticulous attention to details. 

Altaf Maaneshia RTW Collection

I believe there is only one thing certain in life and that’s uncertainty. Challenges and struggle are everywhere but you can always make your place in any market if you focus on three E’s: Education – Exposure – Experience. – Altaf M.

A highlight for Altaf’s career as a designer was showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. He was the first Pakistani based in New York City to debut a collection. In the near future, the designer hopes to open sell accounts in North American multi brand shops. Altaf’s long term plan includes having a giant fashion house. He wishes for that to cover not only women’s wear but also cover men’s wear, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes.

Altaf designs for the modern woman. She is powerful, trendy, structured and she loves accent colours or accessories on her outfits. He has provided women with many contemporary and ready-to-wear designs to choose from. As a designer, what matters is quality and consistency.

The Altaf Maaneshia Fall/Winter ’14 collection is available for pre-order here

Article written by Tianna Alexandre, editor.

Up Close with Mika Kari of Black Teal Brick and Steel

Mika Kari is the designer and founder of Black Teal Brick and Steel. I had the pleasure of getting to know her better, and learn about her new collection that recently premiered at Philly Fashion Week. After speaking with Mika, one would be able to see how much love she has for life and for the experiences it brings. It is those two very important factors that help create this line. She founded Black Teal Brick and Steel in 2013 after doing freelance work. Having the freedom to create whatever she imagined is what pushed her to launch BTBS.

Why did you decide to have a designer name and is there any meaning behind the name Mika?

I like to keep my designer persona separate from my personal life. Hence, I go by two different names. My family knows me as Mandee, but the runway calls me Mika Kari. The name “Mika” is Japanese. Japanese street fashion was a world I uncovered in high school, and it was a big part of the reason I became a fashion designer. The culture inspired and intrigued me. I took the name Mika (美 (mi) “beautiful” combined with 香 (ka) “scent”) because my spark for designing began with Japan. I found the name to be fitting.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

How did you start your design journey? 

I started my design journey with my Grandmother when I was very young. She was a factory seamstress, and my love for designing really began with her. She will always be my inspiration. I did go to college, VCU Arts, for fashion design as well, and shortly after graduating I created my brand “Black Teal Brick and Steel.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your new collection? Why did you choose to take it “back to the basics”?

As I see the world around us become more and more complex and difficult, I wanted to be able to bring forth a collection that was simple. A collection that focused only on what was necessary and stripped down designing to its most raw form. It was a new concept for me, and a challenge that I was excited to take on.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

What was your inspiration for this collection? Did the fabrics and colours play a roll in terms of your inspiration and theme?

Raw simplicity inspired me for this spring collection. My inspiration carried straight from the designs into the fabrication and color palette. What says simple better than knits? I wanted to make this collection completely from knit fabrications. I chose ponte knits, viscose knits, and variations of jersey knits to create the entire look. I also wanted to keep the color palette natural, focusing on grey and brown shades. I added a nice pop of coral to the colors, to keep the spring feel for the collection.

Why did you choose to premiere this new collection at Philly Fashion Week?

Philadelphia is a city that I call home. I think it’s a great place with a lot of fashion talent brewing, so I love being a part of the fashion week here. I wanted to stay connected to my roots, so I chose to debut the collection at Philly fashion week this season.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

On your Twitter I saw that you went to a U-Kiss concert. I am also a Kpop and drama fan. I would like to know who you like in the Kpop world? Does their style or the Korean fashion style play a role in your fashion sense and the way you design?

This is so exciting! I love meeting other Kpop fans. The Korean pop culture scene has played a MAJOR role in how I design and see fashion. I really admire how they push the envelope and are always at the forefront of fashion. There are so many people and musical acts in the Kpop world that are very dear to me. Of course Ukiss is my favorite kpop group, but there are many artists that I find to be inspiring. I’ve recently been listening to Vixx a lot more. I love a group that changes concepts and pushes their musical and fashion boundaries. I think Vixx and girl the group After School do that very well. My favorite vocal singer though would have to be K.Will. His voice is fantastic and I listen to his albums often. I have to at least mention Big Bang if we’re talking fashion icons in Korea. They are such a major influence in the Korean fashion scene. The list could go on forever. When I discovered Kpop music 5 years ago, I felt that I had finally found my fashion utopia. Their design aesthetic fit me so perfectly that I know I was born on the wrong side of the globe. Korean fashion and pop culture will continue to fuel my inspiration for designing. Also, watching Korean dramas as I sew helps pass the time. I usually watch an average of 4 seasons of kdramas while sewing my collection every season.

You say you design for women who are culturally conscious. For yourself is there anywhere that you’ve been that has had a big impact on your design aesthetic and why?

I haven’t had many opportunities to travel yet in my life, so I know there will be numerous places in the future that will impact me strongly. If I had to pick somewhere, I would have to say the city where I went to college, Richmond, Virginia. I feel it was there that I had the opportunity to meet so many people of different backgrounds and cultures all in one place. Living in Richmond for 4 years really educated me on other people of the world. Our campus also had a sister school in Qatar, which continuously opened my eyes to new experiences and interactions with people of other cultural backgrounds. I came from a very diverse high school, but it wasn’t until college that I was able to really put the world into perspective.

All photos taken by FBH The Agency. All photos are from the spring  2014 collection of BTBS on the Philly Fashion Week runway.

To learn more about BTBS visit their website and be sure to keep up with Mika on Instagram and Twitter.

Article Written by Jonika. You can follow her at @JonikaJun

Bloggers Christmas Wish List

Christmas. That time of year when we secretly hope to receive everything we’ve been saving up for. As we get ready to eat as much as our stomachs can handle and open gifts we hope to see under the wrapping, we go through our mental Christmas wish list.

The wish list is synonymous with gift giving and finding that perfect gift. To make our gifts even more lovable and special we tend to make wish lists to help out those who are buying for us. With Christmas right around the corner we have compiled our own wish list from the bloggers here at Luevo.


W: The First 40 Years 

One of the world’s leading fashion magazines, W will celebrate their 40th anniversary with this volume of the most influential and iconic features/photos of its first four decades.


Reiko Red Wool Coat by Soia & Kyo  

Canadians really know how to make winter jackets for keeping warm yet completely stylish and fashionable!

Soia and Kyo


Suede and Leather Bootie by designer Franco Vernica 

A platform to elevate any outfit, while adding edge and detail.

Franco Vernica

 Sterling Silver Talon Pendant Necklace by Joanna Morgan Designs

For an everyday, modern, bold, casual elegance.

Joanna Morgan


Tsavorite, Diamond And Ruby Snake Bracelet by Toby Lynn Gems 

A statement on the wrist to add edgy glam.

Snake gem ring


Viva La Juicy Noir

For years now, my fun staple perfume has been Viva La Juicy. Recently, a new scent has been added to the Juicy line, Noir, which I would love to test out!



Reem Acra Pre-Fall Collection Black Dress

I know this is way out of budget, but I love it!

Reem Acra Dress

Shakuhachi Cutout Tassel Boots

With clever detailing, this has both a western and grunge inspired design.

Beige Cutout Boot

Scout & Catalogue Clutch

This is a Canadian based fashion label located in Vancouver, all the pieces made at Scout & Catalogue are hand made. This makes for a more personalized look, perfect for Christmas!

 S&C Clutch

BCBG Maxazria Wool Wide-Brim Hat

For a mysterious and high fashion look this wide-brim hat is just right.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 2.12.36 AM


Maje Dunkerque Military Parka

Keep warm in this military inspired jacket with fur collar, great for keeping warm when it is windy!

Military Parka

dace Jerry Medium Purse

Simplistic and practical, this leather made purse is the perfect size to fit an iPad or tablet.

Dace Purse

dace Morty Skirt

This Mini Skirt will add playfulness and femaninity to an outfit, perfect for pairing with tights this winter!

dace Morty Skirt


Tis the Season to gift give and of course, treat ourselves. What is your Christmas wish list? Let us know @LuevoFashion

The Folly of Fast Fashion

It’s not me, it’s you. It’s definitely you.

The folly of fast fashion. 

We’ve had a good run. It was fun and exciting, but we’re not meant for one another. I’m looking for something longer lasting, while you’re looking for just a fling. Face it, we have different visions and we want very different things. I know that it’s hard to understand, but I’m looking for a more long term commitment. I’m sorry, but it’s not working out. We’re breaking up.

I wrote this letter to myself just a few weeks back. I’ve moved out just over a year ago, and like anybody starting out I’ve needed to find ways to cut costs. Cutting some costs were pretty simple (cable TV) and some things were a little more difficult (magazine subscriptions and imported wine). The hardest thing to give up by far was the freedom to make what felt like unlimited fashion choices. Suddenly, I had to choose between pieces that I loved equally, where as I previously lived at home, my income could go almost entirely to shopping. I decided that I’d switch from my regular boutiques with selected quality pieces to fast fashion. This way, my clothing budget that would normally afford me one piece could afford me nine. Brilliant? Absolutely not.


I truly felt that it was a genius idea. Sacrificing what I thought to be a small amount of quality turned out to be a much bigger issue. It went well beyond clothing not being as soft and zippers not gliding up as easy. My new issues? Hems falling down, ill fitted pieces, articles of clothing pilled and pinholes appeared in what seemed like impossible places. I’d need to replace dresses much more frequently, and I didn’t feel beautiful wearing a dress with pinholes and pilling.

Ruined Shoe-fastfashioj

When I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. Things took another turn one year later. Normally, I had my staple pieces from the year before that I could build from, but those pieces weren’t purchased quality enough the year before, so I had to start a wardrobe on a completely blank slate each season. Purchasing new fast fashion pieces wasn’t an option; I knew the same thing would just happen again next year.

Empty Closet

This is why I’ve broken up with fast fashion. It gets you caught in a cycle where you have to constantly replace. It’s not sustainable, it’s not inspiring or beautiful and it really watered down the fun of fashion. I need to begin building a quality wardrobe again, it’s going to take time and it’s going to be expensive. I’m done with fast fashion. We’ve broken up and I’m never looking back.

Article written by guest fashion blogger Bhreigh Gillis. You can follow her on twitter @Bhreigh.

Introducing Guest Blogger Jonika

When it comes to fashion blogging Jonika takes most of her inspiration from travel, music and theatre. She recently graduated from The University of Guelph-Humber for public relations and media studies. Her well-rounded taste in a variety of subjects is what makes writing about fashion more enjoyable for her because fashion is incorporated into many different things.

Long before the widely popular song ‘Thrift Shop’ dominated the music charts, finding a great buy for an incredible price was, and still is why Jonika loves to go thrift shopping. She finds that mixing older and newer pieces together makes for a more unique look. Also, this lessens the chance of someone wearing the same outfit as her at an event, which is every woman’s nightmare.

Jonika draws her style from the love she has for hip-hop music and South Korean fashion. Hip Hop artists such as Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino adds inspiration to her wardrobe. Jonika’s love for Korean entertainment is where her adoration for their fashion comes from.

Her favourite and most recent purchase is her black cutout booties pictured below. They are super chic, cute but still can be worn in an edgy way, which sums up Jonika’s fashion sense.

Jonika shoes

Traveling gives people the opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world they’re surrounded by. Jonika uses this idea of traveling to study fashion intently from around the world. Fashion can change drastically depending on location, weather, people etc. The importance of travel for Jonika encourages her to learn about other cultures and their fashion. Ultimately, it is not just about fashion but also about the learning experience that accompanies it. She is currently planning a trip to Spain as she finds the architecture moving there.

Jonika Image

Be sure to follow Jonika on Twitter @JonikaJun

Jewels for HER this Holiday

Tis the season for sparkle, a time when jewelry can truly make a statement. Adorn her this holiday season with a handpicked item from eye-catching collections by Joanna Morgan Designs and Toby Lynn Gems. While wearing these designs, she can mix and match, create ensembles or layer her favourite pieces, celebrating her creative side.

With an eclectic flare, the Joanna Morgan Designs make gift giving easy for the classic to edgy woman. The stylish jewelry accessories give versatility, transitioning from day to night and outfit-to-outfit. Primarily using sterling and fine silver, along with brass, each piece is given personality and character.

Well known for bold statement pieces, designer Toby Lynn uses a mixture of precious and semi precious stones, crystals, silver and gold, making unique one of a kind items. Wearing a Toby Lynn design makes any woman a crowd pleaser, giving testimony to her great style.
Toby Lynn Gems

tob10Toby Lynn Gems

Toby Lynn GemsToby Lynn Gems

Toby Lynn Gemstob14


tob9                    tob7

Joanna Morgan Designs


5     6

7    9

12   Morgan


Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm